PrimeStop SafeSet

PrimeStop SafeSet
Product Details

BQ Plus Medical Co.,Ltd is one of the top level China primestop safeset manufacturers, welcome to wholesale primestop safeset from our factory.

1.Product Introduction:

AirStop&PrimeStop IV Set is kind of new disposable medical device substitute for general IV set.

It fits both gravity infusion and pump infusion.  And its characteristic is to sop fluid automatically when the infusion is finished and prevent air into venous effectively. 

2.Working principle:

Under the effect of atmospheric pressure, the liquid flows into the thin tube to cause hydro-static pressure. When the hydrostatic pressure is greater than the venous pressure, fluid flows into the vein. When the infusion is coming to the end, infusion venous pressure within the pipe wall and gravity keep balance with the surface tension of filtration membrane , which leads to the automatic stop of the liquid. 


It is mainly used for intravenous infusion and widely used in clinic. 


(1)The higher level of security - automatically intercept residual fluid infusion, to prevent air into venous. Effectively reduce medical disputes.

(2)Great convenience - the operation is convenient,  which reduces nurses' workload and working pressure.

(3)Improve the work efficiency - nurses can now prepare several infusions at once or give patients disinfection at the same time.  

5.Factory Address: Songjiang District, Shanghai, China

6.Sample Delivery Time: 3~5 days (depending on your detailed requirements)

Mass Production Delivery Time: usually 25-50 days after contract confirmation.

7.Price Term: CIF, FOB, CFR, FCR, etc.

8.Port of Departure: Shanghai, or nearby ports as appointed by customer

9.MOQ: 10,000~50,000sets

10.Packing Material: 1 pc/poly bag and export carton

11.Certifications: ISO, FDA, GB, etc.