Pump IV Set

Pump IV Set
Product Details

BQ Plus Medical Co.,Ltd is one of the top level China pump iv set manufacturers, welcome to wholesale pump iv set from our factory.

1.Product Description:

Acute care, Long term care, Home care, emergency responders, veterinarians, etc, all use drug delivery pumps to provide accurate infusion rates. 

The most common drug delivery pumps use linear peristaltic motion.  Silicone tubing and common PVC tubing sets are used for peristaltic pump.  PVC tubing sets are more economic as consumables.  

The CDC guidelines in USA are now requests 96 hour duration for pump IV sets. 

But the Fatigue Resistance of PVC tubing in market could not meet long time usage requirement.   Typical IV sets can only last for a few hours.

BQ+ has been licensed with NF96 Pump Tubing technology, which allows tubing keep running 96 hours without fatigue. This DEHP Free tubing is made from patented compound formula with unique production process.   

Since BQ+ is a professional IV components manufacturer,  BQ+ has big range of various IV components. With all kinds of self-made components and also NF96 pump tubing, you could rely on BQ+ to customize your pump sets.  

To customize your IV pump set, all you need to do is: 

1. Please provide one of your pumps (we will return the pump after testing)

2. Provide one case of the tubing you use today (for benchmarking)

3. We will then do performance testing and design a NF96 tubing for your application.

4. After you approved the tubing, we could provide complete set samples for you. 

The following are  data diagram of tubing performance for your reference:

2.CO´╝ÜChina Mainland

3.Sample Delivery Time: 3~7 days (depending on your detailed requirements)

Mass Production Delivery Time: usually 25-40 days after contract confirmation.

4.Port of Departure: Shanghai

5.Price Term: FOB, CIF, CFR, FCR, etc.

6.MOQ: 20,000~50,000sets

7.Certifications: ISO, FDA, GB, etc.

8.Packing: 1 pc/polybag and export carton